In addition to my concert activities I maintain a large class of private students. I enjoy working with students of all levels and aspirations. My students range from beginners of all ages, to successful amateurs playing in local orchestras and chamber groups, to full-fledged professionals. Many of my students have gone on to major conservatories and now enjoy artistic lives in major orchestras, ensembles, or as soloists.

My greatest inspiration in teaching and playing is the world-renowned pedagogue, Margaret Rowell, with whom I studied in Berkeley, California. Her penetrating insight into the relation of music, mind, body, and instrument helped transform both the art string-playing and the art of teaching. I also gained much from working with Bonnie Hampton, Irene Sharp, Paul Tobias, and Harvey Shapiro.

Over the last decade I have directed much of my effort to breaking new ground for the cello, in my composing, and in my concerts of improvisation throughout the world. It is a great pleasure, also, working with many young artists who are seeking to develop their own new territory. For example, I have two students who play the cello and sing simultaneously, and one student who plays in rock groups!

A recent satisfaction is having been nominated "Teacher of the Year" by KDFC 102.1 FM.

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