Upcoming Exhibitions


Exhibitions from 1985 to Present

Spring 2005
The Sun Gallery. Exhibition of my paintings including a concert performance of solo cello opening night.

Summer 2004
Three Private shows of my paintings, El Cerrito CA.

Summer 2002
Two group exhibits in Slovakia following participation in the International Symposium near Bratislova.

July 1999
Fourth International Plein-air, Israel

July 1998
Third International Plein-air, Minnesota

July 1997
Second International Plein-air, St. Petersburg

July 1996
International Plein-air, Moscow

October 1993
Exhibition, University of California

June 1992
Studio Exhibition

May 1991
Pro Art Open Studios

April 1989
Works on display, Britt-Marie's, Berkeley

Pro Art Open Studios

June 1990
August-December 1988
Eva Soltes Fine Art Gallery (held over), reviewed by San Francisco Bay Guardian

July 1988
Interart Gallery (group exhibition)

November 1987
Private exhibition, Oakland

October-January 1987
Mimosa's, Oakland, held over and reviewed in The Berkeley Voice

October 1986
Private Exhibition, Oakland

August-October 1985
Exhibition at Ramona's, Berkeley (held over)

June 1985
Berkeley, first exhibition at concert of the 'cello works of Ernst Bacon


Manege Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg
Hall of Artists, Moscow
The Plains Museum, Minnesota
The Berry Gallery, Jerusalem
The Russian American Museum, Tel Aviv
Beit Lohamei Haghetaot, Galilee
Mittelrhein-Museum, Germany
Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, Germany
Zehntscheuer, Germany
Offenes Atelier des Kultursommers Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Historische Mühle im Park von Sanssouci, Germany


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