An award-winning writer since childhood, Matthew Owens has continued to involve himself in a wide variety of literary projects. He is well known for his eloquent poetry, astute essays, libretti, and humorous verse, and is invited to write everything from after-dinner speeches and concert reviews, to operatic collaborations.

His works, "The Garden," and "The Pope of Fools" have received high praise from audiences and critics, and "The Pope of Fools" poems have been translated into Spanish.

New Works

My "Desert Poems", inspired by my experiences performing, exhibiting, and travelling in the Middle East was written on the eve of my trip to Palestine and Israel in July 2004. Its highly successful public debut was in a reading and concert to benefit the Sun Gallery, Hayward, CA.


Currently at work on an in-depth article about my recent experiences in Palestine, teaching, performing, and travelling.


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